12 Daily Routine Steps!

By Noelle noelle bio picture

Follow these steps to bring balance to our daily routines:

1. Awaken at the correct time to give the body a chance to harmonize with the rhythms of the sun.                                Vata: Awaken with the sun

Pitta: Awaken ½ hour before the sun

Kapha: Awaken one hour before the sun

2. Evacuate the bowels and bladder, if you can, shortly after arising.

– Each morning upon awakening, drink a glass of room temperature or warm water (sound familiar?) Following ingestion, sit on the toilet. Even if this does not produce a bowel movement, the practice of sitting will eventually support the alignment of apana vayu with the rhythms of the universe. Continue this practice each day until the movements are regular.

3.Shower or bathe

4. Inspect your tounge for a yellow, green, white, or brown coating. Scrape your tounge daily, back to front, 5-10 times to stimulate the sigestive system and aid in the removal of toxins.

5. Brush your teeth after meals

6. Floss once per day to prevent gum disease. Ayurvedic gum powders can be massaged into the gums as well.

7. Once per week, put a drop of rose water or triphala tea in your eyes to dispel excess kapha (rose water must be diluted).

8.Clean out the nasal passages with slightly salted water using a cup or neti pot. Then place a drop of oil in each nostril with the tip of the finger. This maximizes the absoption of prana.

9. Massage the body with oil that is balanced for your constitution. Leave the oil on at least 20 minutes.

10. Go to sleep before 10:00PM to ensure adequate rest, even earlier in the winter. Do not read in bed.

11. Practice the constitutionally correct yoga postures, each for half and hour before breakfast

-Principles of Vata asana: pelvic compression and flexion of the hips, slow asanas with attention to detail, standing poses with attention to the earth, and sitting poses with meditation

-Principles of Pitta asana: Compression and extension of the solar plexus, slow asanas with attention to detail, and sitting poses with meditation.

-Principles of Kapha asana: Expansion and opening of the chest and flow sequences with rapid movement.

12. Meditate! A daily meditation practice keeps the mind clear and peaceful. Through regular practice, stress is reduced. A daily practice of even five minuets will make a significant difference in a person’s life. However, a practice of at least 20 minutes is needed for serious advancement.

You can vary from the above order to accommodate your preferences. For instance, it is often more practical to perform an oil massage prior to showering. As the oil massage must be kept on for at least 20 minutes, this is a good time to begin yoga postures and then meditation. This can be followed by a shower or bath.