Some times I stray from my nutritional routine and (knowingly) eat something that might not agree with me. I don’t do this because I don’t care about my body but for the reason that I live an Ayurvedic lifestyle and I believe in the “and, and”.

I don’t feel or want to feel deprived of anything in life. When I first meet people, and they discover my way of life and nutritional choices, they ask me “so what do you eat?” Well the answer is very simple, what ever I want. I know my body and what feels good in it. I’ve modified my diet and lifestyle to accommodate my body and the constant changes it goes through. I know what puts me into balance and what brings me out of balance.

I don’t eat cheese on a regular basis; I don’t eat any dairy at all actually. It’s my own choice and my body agrees with me but sometimes my old habits die-hard. Admittedly, yesterday I ate some creamy, sharp, and aromatic cheese from whole foods. I have to say I enjoyed every delicious note of that cheese…until my body decided to say “no thank you!!” Later dealing with the repercussions of eating said cheese I thought to myself “why on earth did you think that was a good idea!?” Honestly I don’t know why, but I wanted it and I had it and now I know that, at this point in my healing process, cheese does not belong in my diet.

Being aware of what your feeling and what your body is telling you is a huge step towards feeling good and healing. Listen to your body. Get to know it. Understand what it is telling you. Half the time we misread the signs our bodies are screaming at us. It’s important to know what brings you into balance and what can radically take you out of balance. If you are aware of what makes you feel ill or doesn’t always agree with you, you can decide what YOU feel will serve you best. If you are interested in finding out your constitution or more about ayurveda please send me an email at

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