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Today I am focusing on the basics of ayurveda. Everyday I meet new people and run into old friends and the topic of what I do and what I’m “up to these days” almost always arises. The majority of the time when I explain what I do and the path that I am on I get the response “ayur-WHAT?”  I want to share some ayurveda 101 for anyone that needs more explanation of what ayurveda is all about!

Day in and day out you get up in the morning, get ready, go to work, and follow the same routine without paying much attention. Have you noticed that your energy is high in the morning and starts declining as the day goes by? Have you ever thought about why you change your wardrobe every season? Do you change your food accordingly?

Ayurveda is all about doing the right thing at the right time. It recommends guidelines – daily and seasonal – that help to make your daily activities more productive and to create peace with the changing seasons to stay balanced, so you can enjoy the enchanting fall colors, breathtaking spring blooms or cool summer hikes. During the day, at certain times, certain Doshas predominate. Accordingly Ayurveda recommends daily guidelines for you to follow and make your days purposeful and productive.

For example, morning begins with Kapha predominance, so you may sneeze or sniffle in the morning or your allergies may get worse. Kapha time is a high endurance time, so you get more work done. If you start your day early, your whole day’s work will be done by noon or 1:00 pm. Pitta dominates around noon, so you get hungry and if you don’t eat, you get angry. This is the best time for digestion and metabolism. Vata stands next in a line. It is the best time to head to the gym or a yoga class.

As Doshas revolve around the day, they revolve around the seasons too. Spring is the Kapha season, while Summer is marked with Pitta predominance. In fall and early winter we have to follow a Vata balancing lifestyle. You rightfully change your clothes according to the season. Your favorite summer attire may be – cotton t-shirt and shorts – to cool you down. As fall approaches, you change into warm-ups and sweaters to keep your body warm. Your winter jacket is warm and heavy because Vata is cold and light as compared to your spring jacket which is warm but light because Kapha is cold and heavy. Who teaches you this? Nobody! You have the inborn intelligence, which many of you may have been ignoring. You may eat cold watermelon cubes during a Christmas party or have a bowl of ice cream on winter nights. You may love salsa and chips with a margarita and salt on the side (which increases heat in the body) during summer days. These unseasonal dietary choices cause health problems and disease. If you follow an Ayurvedic seasonal routine, you can be free of many diseases, and feel your best.

Learn how to make the right choices and choose foods that create health through ayurveda! If anyone has any questions regarding ayurveda, everveda, or healthy living please feel free to contact us!

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