Be Brave

Strength is an endurance game, Its about showing up every day of your life with a generous heart. Strength is having the energy to lend a helping hand and keeping your mind clear and present. Strength is about doing what needs to be done, not when you want to do it, but when you need to do it and not quitting just because you’re tired or bored. It’s about putting aside your own weakness and insecurity long enough to be the brave, courageous person that you already are deep down inside. Breathe deep and take each moment one breath at a time.

Sometimes the world will deal you blow after blow. It may feel like you are going nowhere, that you are failing at everything, that all you want is unattainable and that you may as well give up while you’re ahead. The fact is we all have bad days, I hope you can take some comfort from the feeling that you are not alone. The harder days will make you stronger in the end.  We must be braver to be brave.

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