Come Back To Love

There is a love inside your heart that is so deep, so vast, and so profound it could make the ocean jealous. This turquoise blue, sparkling ocean pales in comparison to the love that lies within your heart. It can move mountains. It can change the world. One day, it WILL change the world.

The problem is this: we don’t believe in it. Our minds trick us into thinking that we don’t deserve it, that we are not worthy of it, that we are not good enough, smart enough, special enough, beautiful enough to be at the center of this unbelievable love.

So we direct our attention elsewhere and eventually forget about our beating hearts and how badly it wants us to love and be loved. We forget, and the more we listen to the mind telling us what we don’t deserve, the more we yearn for a love we no longer remember. Even though its there in our hearts, every second of every day.

We start looking all around, running in circles, trying to bring it back. We study and work harder than ever, without knowing what for. We manipulate and gossip, anything to stay ahead and come out on top, thinking the only way to be happy is material wealth and success. We make money so we can shop for things we don’t need, we look ourselves in the mirror and hate what we see so we diet to lose weight just to gain it all back. We watch reality TV, we drink, we smoke, we eat too much or too little and we stuff our faces with processed foods full of additives and hormones and then spend more money on medication to keep our bodies from keeling over. All of these thing we do, trying to get the love we deep down don’t think we deserve.

Why are we bending over backwards looking for love, destroying our bodies and our planet in the process? When all we have to do, to find it, is direct our awareness towards our very own hearts. When all we have to do is breath deeper, sit in silence and remember. We must all return to love. It’s crucial for the evolution of our consciousness and the urgent healing that’s needed on this earth. You HAVE to remember that you are worthy of a love deeper and more profound than this ocean. Come back to your heart. Come back. It will change the world.