Daily Routine And The Doshas

By Noelle noelle bio picture

Give a little thought to your daily routine and arrange the events of your life for your optimum wellbeing. Ask yourself whether your commitments, habits, and preferences are benefiting or disturbing your doshic balance. Modern pressures can make you feel that you have little choice over many aspects of your life. Yet, the accumulated benefits of small changes make a noticeable difference to you.

Your constitution will influence the way you arrange your life. The following guidelines will allow you to see whether your approach to daily routine is helping you keep your doshas balanced, or whether you need to make adjustments to help prevent increases of your predominant dosha.

 Vata: Vata types need to introduce regularity to their lives and maintain it- one of the hardest things for a vata person to achieve. But, if you succeed you will experience less erratic levels of energy and a decrease in the discomforts caused by excess vata, such as insomnia and weariness. Eat regularly and establish a routine for getting up and going to bed. Keep your routine even when your energy is good. Note when you are running on overdrive – unable to pay enough attention to your current task, frantically doing three things at once, or talking fast and frequently, skipping from subject to subject. Slow down and give yourself time to think; you will still achieve all you need to, but you will be less tired.

 Pitta: Pitta types may have already organized themselves efficiently – and often those around them, too. You tend to be precise about following your plans, as this helps you achieve your objectives. Avoid becoming too goal oriented. Take time to do things just for the sake of doing them – take a relaxing walk instead of playing a competitive game. Sitting outside on a clear summer’s night starring at the moon is very soothing for pitta.

 Kapha: If you already have a fixed schedule and don’t like chance, you have some kapha in you. Review your routine often, making deliberate changes to prevent yourself from getting stuck in a rut. Overcome your kapha dislike of change by making a pact with yourself to do something in a slightly different way each day – for example the changes can be as simple as changing your route to work.

A routine that is balanced for your constitutional type will allow you to enjoy freshness and vitality every day.