By Noelle noelle bio picture

Within the body, there is a rhythm, a natural basic rhythm that governs our natural urges. Our natural urges are food, sex, and sleep. These are referred to as the three pillars of life. They can also be seen as digestion, creativity, and rest. While we all have unique rhythms based on our constitution, our basic rhythms need to be in harmony for our more subtle rhythms to manifest.

Through improper training, we have lost touch with our natural basic rhythms and, as a result, with our more subtle unique rhythms. Artificial rhythms created by our society and our own desires to overindulge in our urges have led to this loss. The first step towards getting back in touch with our unique rhythm is to create a routine based on the natural basic rhythms, and then our subtle unique rhythm will slowly begin to emerge.

This week I will be discussing dinacharya (daily routine). Ayurveda provides us with a map to our natural basic rhythms. Through this routine, we can begin to bring balance to the doshas and re-create a life of health and happiness.