Don’t be afraid to look for it

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Ever since I changed my lifestyle and diet, it i has been difficult to eat out. I don’t want to put anything processed or fake into my body, I don’t want to consume food if I don’t know where it comes from, and I don’t want to put negative energy into my being. Generally when I do eat out I have to make so many modifications to a dish that most people end up calling me picky or think I’m too strict and don’t want to eat with me. They are right, I am conscious of what goes into my body and I do have the strength to say no to food that won’t make me a better me. For some time after changing my eating habits, I found that the idea of eating out became almost forbidden. Depriving ourselves of things we want isn’t healthy either but there is a fine line when it comes to that. I’m not saying it’s healthier to eat potato chips if you want them; I’m talking about putting yourself first. I would skip out on dinners with my friends because I was embarrassed to be deemed “the picky eater” and I didn’t want to inconvenience other people.  I had been missing out on moments I used to love. I enjoy the social aspect of eating out and sharing a meal with people I am happy to be around. That being said, I have now come to the place where I am more accepting of making modifications to my meals when I have to. I don’t feel bad or ashamed for caring about what I give to my body.

The last night of Firefly, the 5-day music festival I camped at, we packed up most of our stuff so we could leave early in the morning. When I woke up I had my warm water with lemon and made a tea for the road but didn’t have any breakfast items left to eat or that hadn’t already been packed away. Once we got on the road my friends wanted to stop at Chick-fil-A, basically a “healthier” fast food chicken joint. I walked in to Chick-fil-A thinking there wouldn’t be anything on the menu I would consider eating, but I knew I had to eat something and it was worth a shot to look. Lo and behold they had multigrain oatmeal on the breakfast menu! It came with a ton of other processed sugary sides to put on top but I just tossed those. I still had some dry food accessible and ended up topping my oatmeal off with raw honey, dried goji berries, coconut butter, and hemp seeds. Not only was the oatmeal delicious but also I felt good eating it too! The one mistake I made that trip was not bringing oatmeal. Always bring oatmeal, it is an amazing grain and so easy to take with you and prepare (hot or cold) virtually anywhere.

I was happy to find that times are changing and even fast food restaurants offer an alternative healthier option. Maybe our society is starting to realize the impact our food has on our lives. Don’t be afraid to look for what you need, you might be surprised where you find it!


My spin on Chick-fil-A oatmeal!!

My spin on Chick-fil-A oatmeal!!