Transferring Energy through massage

By Noelle noelle bio picture

Ayurvedic massage is a method of relaxing and strengthening muscles, fibers, tendons, and skin by rubbing, kneading, squeezing, tapping, and sometimes pulling or shaking tissues. It is a great honor to give an abhyanga massage. I feel energized after I give an abhyanga massage. To me it is like a spiritual dance in which the body is my dance floor and my motion is one flowing movement of touch and energy.

Massage is an interplay of energies between two bodies. Besides being two human beings, these bodies are also two electromagnetic forces. When we receive or give a massage we are not only manipulating muscles, skin, and bones; we are working with energies, both physical and mental. There is a clear interaction between the psyche of the giver and receiver.

Creating a sacred space full of a gentle and calmness is very important to the energies surrounding the giver and receiver prior to an abhyanga treatment. Both the giver and receiver of an abhyanga treatment are going to be feeling the energy of each other on a profoundly deep level. That is one of the wonders of an ayuvedic massage; it is truly unlike anything else I have ever experienced. It takes you to a new level of being.

Here at Everveda we have been working hard to create a sacred and peaceful space for all of you. I am very proud to announce that, we are ready, Everveda will be providing two and four handed abhyanga massages along with the full ayervedic bliss treatments! More details are to come so please be on the look out for our special offers.

Four handed Abhyanga Massage

Four handed Abhyanga Massage-before the treatment begins!

Two handed Abhyanga massage

Two handed Abhyanga massage