Everveda in India: Backstory


The last time I was in another country with my friend Concha it was 12 years ago, when we were dancing down the avenues of Barcelona. For me, at 40, I was at the apex of my career, rooted by marriage and small children. For her, it was another turning point.  After 20 years, Concha had become an excellent technician of dental prosthetics, appreciated in her field and valued by her employers. A native of Spain, she had made her way to the USA having fallen in love with a handsome airforce  officer who was stationed outside of her town in the center of the country. This vibrant and fearless young woman left her family to become a wife to live in the suburbs of Long Island. Her future was promising but unknown.  And there, in the country of her childhood, she was on the brink of yet another change. The details were not yet known to her but she felt a certain turning point, and she poised herself for it.

Twelve years later, as an owner of midsized dental laboratory, along with a college degree and her husband of 20+years, she has fully embraced her life as a successful businesswoman. We are in India, to explore the time tested remedies of Ayurveda. This ancient science has now become my new career, and once again as we travel I am deeply entrenched in what I do. And Concha is now ready for the next shift, still unknown, but looming.

I am excited to see what she will do next!