Health only halfway

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Ayurveda is the science of creating harmony between our physical nature and our environment through the five senses.  Our health is dependent on our lifestyle and choices we make. The more effort and care you put into yourself the better you will feel  and therefore the more you get out of life.

Yesterday I talked about my experience at Firefly music festival, searching for food that I could eat. Although I decided on “Peace, love and tacos” I stopped at a few vendors prior to see what they offered. One vendor that caught my attention was a vegan sandwich truck. I thought to myself “mmm yummy, this should be good!” I went over to the truck and asked the fellow running it about his food and what kind of ingredients he uses. He said all the vegetables they use are local to the area and organic. My friend was just about to order something right before I stopped her and asked what kind of bread the sandwich is on. He held up a bag of Pepperidge Farm multigrain bread. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped and I know I let out a big “HA!”

I don’t generally eat bread and have stayed away from all processed gluten for more than a few years. I knew I would be asking this man if I could have everything without the bread anyway but I didn’t think I would be saying no to processed bread. I asked him why he would put all of those fantastic veggies on bread that is so toxic. He looked at me confused and said “we are vegan, we want to make cruel free food and that’s what we care about.” then I asked him if he thinks processed food is cruel food, he said no. I told him “I beg to differ” and I briefly gave him my opinion of that outlook before moving on.

I don’t believe that eating the freshest, most local, and organic foods cancel out the processed foods you are eating. The body just doesn’t work like that. You can’t half way do something and expect to get the fullest results, especially when referring to your health. Being (mostly) vegan myself I respect that he is against animal cruelty and his mission is to spread cruelty free food. I don’t not eat meat because I just want to save animals, I don’t eat it because my body doesn’t need it and I don’t want it. He might be saving animals but he is providing his customers with food that is filled with chemicals, additives, preservatives, and more of the like.  In my opinion, based on that, he is hurting the health of his customers. I walked over to that food truck because it advertised that they sell vegan and organic food. If I was someone who did eat bread and I hadn’t asked what ingredients he uses, I would have chowed down on a half healthy but mostly toxic sandwich.

It disappoints me that we get caught up in only one aspect of health leaving us blind to the whole picture of what being healthy truly is. Being healthy does not come down to one thing and one thing only; it is comprised of many different components. The same is true in Ayurveda.

Vegan sandwich on processed bread :(

Vegan sandwich on processed bread 🙁