Manifest Life

By Noellenoelle bio picture

The past few days I’ve been talking about transition and gaining balance through the times of change. I want to share with you another way I help myself get through transitional phases and keep grounded. I shared with you my vision board and how it encourages me to solidify my hopes and dreams to make them more tangible, but there is another exercise I would like you to try!

Make a manifestation list. Write down a list of things that you keep putting off but want to accomplish. They don’t need to be goals that have to be obtained right away but rather things you know you wish to achieve and want to be reminded of. Like the vision board this exercise helps to ground and harness that scattered vata and keep you moving forward in your life’s journey. Different from the vision board as it is a physical list reminding you exactly what you said you want to take on. Writing a list will allow you to reflect and grow as an individual. There are no rules and this list can change whenever you feel it should.

I decided to write my list and hang it on my mirror, this way every morning I look at myself, before I take on the day, I see that list and know the direction I want to be headed. It’s easy to put things off and go back on your word (we all know we can ignore the thoughts in our minds) but when you have those thoughts starring you in the face everyday, it becomes more difficult to pass by. You can do this at any time you are feeling out of sorts and scattered or like me you can start a new manifestation at the beginning of a moon phase. With the accumulating vata underway and pitta at it’s aggravated peak it’s a good idea to do some creative exercises that get us out of our own head and keep grounded. Below I have shared a picture and a few things on my manifestation list.

Noelle’s Manifestation List:

Move everyday

Go to Yoga 5 times a week

Eat more protein

Go to sleep before 11pm

Don’t eat past 9pm

Read something educational once a day

Don’t spend money on things I don’t need

Sell 1 item on ebay everyday

Take 1 hour everyday to be alone and relax (turn off cell phone & no music)

Learn to play the Ukulele

Take as may trips as possible

Do anything and everything outside

Go camping- ALOT

Meditate and love myself

Stay away from complicated relationships

Try something new once a week

Keep a journal

Keep my energy flowing forward and create new ideas

Hang your list somewhere you can see it everyday!!

Hang your list somewhere you can see it everyday!!