To Massage or Not to Massage?

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In the spirit of my return from Nevada City, California, where I was taking a course at CCA; this week I am going to be talking about ayurvedic body massage and therapies (not to mention the launch of Everveda’s body therapy and massage treatments).

Our strongest desire is to live a happy, healthy, and inspired life. Health is the primary leader of energy within the currents of life determining the ebb and flow of our happiness and inspiration. If our health is balanced we are happy and that happiness leads us to be inspired by the magical wonders of life. If our health is out of balance we tend we be unhappy leading us toward a darker or tamasic outlook on life. Part of having good health means the body is circulating nutrients properly and expelling toxins efficiently. How do we make sure the body is doing this correctly? As we all know food is the main source that provides us with the proper nutrients we need and exercise supplies us with proper circulation. What you might not have known is that massage also provides the body with the proper circulation it needs. Not only does massage relax us but it also helps our bodies grow and renew! Body Massage enhances the circulation of nutrient material and helps our organisms expel toxins, hence why massage plays an important role in cleansing and maintaining the health of the body.

We live in a fast paced world where everyone seems to be in “go” mode all the time, which puts a heavy amount of stress and strain on our beings. Our over consumption of foods that are packaged and processed and pumped with preservatives has led us to a point where our glands are over stimulating. Massage is one of the few remedies known for its ability to help expel and flush the harmful toxins from our systems as regularly as they are ingested.

Massage works both on the physical and mental levels. Physically, it helps all systems of the body-the immune, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, muscular, skeletal, digestive, and lymphatic. Mentally, it helps the mind relax and become clear. This is especially true when one has good feelings toward the practitioner. Generally, massage assists the body in self-healing. Massage excites the body’s internal resources, stimulating it to process protein, convert various forms of sugar into glucose, and generate carious chemical enzymes. If adopted as a daily practice (even weekly practice), massage can help rejuvenate the body.

Stay tuned for more on body therapies and massage this week, I have lots to share!


show your feet some love!

show your feet some love!