Patience Is A Virtue

By Noelle heat shot noelle

Lately I’ve been having a difficult time being patient. I tend to want everything all at once and don’t want to wait for life to unfold. Sometimes if I feel I am not moving forward fast enough I become very impatient and try to rush things. This is something I am working on! I practice this affirmation during the times when I notice I am getting ahead of myself and it really helps me slow down.

I am a patient human being. I know that everything in my life comes to me and occurs at the perfect time. I do not force anything to hurry up in my life, for it is all unfolding at the perfect time and just as beautifully as the spring blossom. In waiting, there is always something for me to learn. I am patient because I am at peace with the way my life is progressing. In times when I must wait, instead of choosing to be impatient, which speeds up nothing, I use that time to productively by extending kindness and help to others. These acts of compassion make me feel wonderful.

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