Post-Panchakarma Helpful Tips!

By Noellenoelle bio picture

Continuing the theme this week, of post-panchakarma routines, I’d like to share some more tips to help you reach your optimal health potential. Since proper digestion is essential to maintaining good health, it is important to maintain the strength of the digestive fires once they are up to full force. ayurveda offers the following as some general guidelines for doing this.

  1. Only eat when you have an appetite.
  2. Do not eat to full capacity. Always leave a little room in your stomach at the end of each meal.
  3. Avoid drinking cold liquids with your meals.
  4. Eat your main meal at noontime when the environmental agni is strongest, and eat a lighter meal at night.
  5. Eat in a calm atmosphere and sit down when you eat.
  6. When possible, avoid snacks between meals and avoid eating just before going to bed.
  7. Once every week or two, fast or eat lightly to give your digestion a much needed rest.
  8. Avoid foods that are deep-friend or too heavy.


These eight tips are not just for post-panchakarma cleansers but also for anyone looking to achieve more balance.