Purvakarma- Liquids!

By Noelle noelle bio picture

Lets get our liquid situation under control. Drinking alcohol during Panchakarma is not advised and would defeat the purpose of cleaning out your body. This week during Purvakarma you should cut out alcohol (especially any hard liquors that will go straight to your liver), wine is ok if you want but only for this preparation week! Make sure if you do decide to drink wine this week that you limit to a glass per day and drink plenty of warm water before and after.

I’ve talked about agni and how you will put out that digestive fire with cold foods and liquids but I want to address that once again. It is best to avoid cold foods or iced beverages because they slow down digestion and make our agni weak. This is not only important this week and next week while you cleanse but at all times. If our digestion is strong then we can get the most out of our food and disease is less likely to occur.

Cold liquids put out agni but warm liquids will keep it running strong. After you inspect your tongue and use the tongue scrapper in the morning add this next step to your daily routine. This may take some getting used to but make sure that you drink a glass of warm-hot water with lemon when you first wake up. When I first added this to my daily routine I could barely get down an 8oz glass of warm water with lemon. I felt nauseated by the thought of it and really didn’t enjoy drinking it at all. Fast forward a year later and now I drink 32oz of warm water with lemon 4 times a day! If I skip this step in my routine I don’t feel balanced. I’ve really grown accustomed to something I thought I would never get used to.

Hydrating properly is very important especially during your cleanse, we don’t want to deplete our bodies we want to nourish them!