Samsarajana Krama

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With a new week ahead of us, Everveda’s mid-summer panchakarma cleanse has come to a close! Last week I shared some daily routines our cleansers were going through, therefore this week I’d like to discuss the post-panchakarma routines that need to continue.

Samsarajana krama is a graduated diet that follows after panchakarma. Samsarajana krama constitutes the primary post-treatment procedure for digestion. This term literally means “a graded administration of diet.” It consists of a specially prepared diet designed to re-establish full digestive capacity and prevent the formation of new ama.

Digestion is the first aspect of physiology that needs to be reconstructed. The panchakarma treatments dramatically affect the digestive process because the G-I tract provides the primary route for elimination of toxins. The digestive fire is weakened by the process of ama being drawn back into the digestive tract and expelled from the body.

Since faulty digestion creates the potential for illness to arise in the first place, special attention is given to strengthening digestion at the conclusion of panchakarma. This assures that the dhatus (tissues) are nourished, immunity is re-established, and health is maintained.

Stay tuned, because tomorrow I will share the samsarajana krama diet and procedures as well as some tips to live by!

Self love everyday all day!

Self love everyday all day!