Seasonal Eating

By Noellenoelle bio picture

Ayurveda favors seasonally grown foods. Leafy greens grow in summer and cool the body so they are summer foods. Root veggies, squash, pumpkin, nuts and beans are readily available, and are ideal in fall because they are heavy, sweet and moist – balancing Vata. Mother Nature is so wise that it produces the fruits and veggies which create balance in each season, so all you have to do is shop at your local farmer’s market. If you start making changes in your foods according to seasons, you will be able to prevent many diseases. If you don’t have a local farmer’s market that you go to, try Farmigo! It’s an online farmer’s market with all local and organic produce, meats, dairy, and products! It’s free to sign up and you only order when you need to! Everveda is the pick up point for Oyster Bay and near by areas…give it a try!

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