Self-Acceptance Affirmation

By Noelle heat shot noelle

Admittedly I have been struggling with self acceptance lately. For those who know me personally or read this blog daily, know that I am a big believer in self love and positive thinking. The truth is…some times the obstacles we must over come in life get the best of us. We are only human and humans are living and breathing vessels of emotions. It’s okay to not feel your best everyday and it’s okay to feel down when life gets rough. Although I don’t believe it’s okay to let the negative over power the positive. Please read and share this positive “self-acceptance” affirmation with people you love. #sharethelove

Self-Acceptance Affirmation:

I love and accept myself just the way I am. I release any feelings of self-hate that I once held of myself. I accept all the mistakes that I have made in my life and I forgive myself for them. I no longer feel the need to criticize myself. I replace all negative words that I use to describe myself with positive words. I am patient with myself.

I love my body and I treat it with respect. I let go of any insecurities that I have ever felt about myself. I am strong and empowered. I am beautiful and amazing. I am in perfect health. I have a burning energy source inside of me and I am worthy of all things wonderful. I release any self-sabotage that holds me back from living my life to its greatest potential.

I no longer judge myself. I am not a victim. I take great care of myself. I take this journey of healing one day at a time. I love the person that I am as well as the person who I am becoming.FullSizeRender (58)