The other side of the world

Alexander is hardly your average Russian, although I am not sure what that is.

But this is our second time sharing the Chamundi experience, as he was a guest here the same time last year. This year, as a new Dad, Chamundi beckoned so that he could gain some new perspective on his extraordinary new role on the planet.

Doing what we thought was going to be a gentle hike, we ended up on what felt like the other side of the world. We took a path off the regular road that led us through steep hills of rubber trees and vegetable fields, a tiny village and curious villagers,  and even passed a sign promoting another remote Ayurveda retreat. We could have easily turned around to go back; but somehow both of us, in the midst of giving birth to a new stage of life (in one form or another) felt the need to just continue forward. As the sun got hotter and the water got lower, the path we were on nearly disappeared into a small house at what seemed to be the top of a hill. A young man came out with his family to see what these strangers could possibly be doing in their field. At this point turning around seemed inevitable; and we were already a good hour away from Chamundi. The young man, an MBA student with a desire to converse in English, chatted with us for awhile and then simply pointed forward with the assurance that the path would soon get wider and we would soon be back at our starting point.

Even in India, all roads lead to home.


King of the mountain

King of the mountain

See you next year, Sasha J