Why Does Spicy Mean Hot?

By Noelle noelle bio picture

Why does spicy mean HOT?

In general, when people hear something is spicy they think it’s hot. The thing is spices are more than just hot or pungent in taste. Spicy should mean full of flavor not hot in flavor. There is a world of spices “left of pepper”, on the heat scale, which are packed with flavor! This week we will focus on spice blends! I’ll show you easy to make spice blends that are valuable to eat!

Did you know???

Ayurveda approaches herbs and spices through a science of energetics. The properties of herbs are related systematically according to their taste, elements, heating or cooling effects, effect after digestion and other special potencies they may possess. I’ll go deeper into this subject later in the week.

What's YOUR favorite spice??

What’s YOUR favorite spice??