Taking it home with you

Healing is hard. Leaving Chamundi is harder. When your biggest decision of the day is to nap or finish your book, the idea of how you will continue to put your health and well being first in front of a fully ripened , multi-faceted life seems nearly impossible.  3 organic  home-cooked vegetarian meals a day? Unlikely. Two treatments and yoga classes  daily? Yeah, right.

Ayurveda knows this; it was not born yesterday. Which is why it is wholly addressed in the term “Dinacharya” or Daily Routine.  Simple practices which are easily adaptable that will sharpen the senses and clear the mind.  Morning routines that are as time consuming as brushing your teeth, but have long term health effects. Evening routines that prepare you for a real nights rest. Guidelines that help you to eat healthfully and aid in optimum digestion.

Over time, a commitment to these routines will effect radical change in body, mind and consciousness. Check back on this page and the Everveda website for Dinacharya tips that will regulate your biological clock, aid digestion, absorption and assimilation, generate self-esteem, discipline, peace, happiness and longevity!