The Dr. is in

The doctor is in
When receiving Ayurvedic counseling in India, the differences to the west emerge immediately: firstly, it’s free, and secondly, the session is as long as need be. Well, maybe you can find this at home, especially at times in my own practice, when the consult evolves into a tour of the garden or a deeper discussion on the many virtues of Ayurvedic wisdom over tea. But tonight, in the city clinic, I have experienced something I have never experienced before: a Dr. that not only renders services for free, but takes his time to go through every complaint, no matter how small, and then, if you are so inclined, you can offer your birthdate, time of birth ,and location where you were born to get clarity on the grand scheme of your life, through the lens of jyotish, or Vedic astrology.
Take for example the case of a petite and lively Vietnamese born American girl who is on a 2-year sojourn with her husband. She bounced into the examination room with a few questions regarding dosha, diet and how to maintain good energy while traveling.
After some examination the doc gave her a prescription for some blood building herbs, herbs for digestion, and some Nasya drops to keep the nasal passages clear and lubricated while exploring this part of the world. When Dr.lad started to look at her chart( yep, in 60 seconds or less an app created the exact natal chart of both her and her husband) He went on to describe her characteristics defined by her place in the universe, which was simply an expanded view of what was already determined by her constitution. He confirmed her passion for travel, her mom, her love of music and Art, and her concern over when was the best time to settle down and have children( she is 33.) The news of a good outcome regarding that prompted her to call in her husband, a warm but clearly more hesitant participant. When Dr.lad examined him , he commented on the Beatles T-shirt this young man was wearing by giggling about the time George Harrison came to the institute for Pancha Karma, and the many occasions he had visited George’s house in the U.K. At this point the young man was intrigued, and after a correct diagnosis of a heart murmur and a recent kidney stone, the man was a lot more relaxed and willing to hear what the doc prescribed for him.
As expected,the Minnesota born traveler asked to hear about his birth chart.( In jyotish, there are many charts, the birth being the most popular but most accurate with folks under 40).
What happened next was incredible.”life is not a puzzle”, he said,” it’s a mystery”, gently pointing to the the sometimes finite way that his young traveler sees the world. Then he fleshed out their lives together, weaving their past lives from an unfinished love ( death by drowning ) into a love that they now get to finish together, the children they will have, the space they must hold for each other. The love in the room was deep and palpable and we were all crying. After a warm hug from Dr.lad, the young couple left for their adventure, courageous and optimistic,stocked with healing herbs and healed hearts.IMG_0008