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Many people don’t think or realize that good health begins with what we put into our bodies and everything counts! You may not have a direct reaction from a certain food or substance but over time disease and illness can manifest. I am a perfect example of this-I used to eat whatever I felt like eating whenever I wanted. I wasn’t gaining weight and it seemed  that no matter what I ate I always had some sort of pain or illness. I didnt think that what I put in my body mattered. Well it does matter and I am living proof! One issue that became a severe problem was my skin. I have suffered through my fair share of skin issues from a little blemish to full blown blisters. I would breakout with blisters on top of blister on top of blister, all over my face and chest. Not only was this terribly painful but is was very emotionally heavy on my mind and body. Through my studies and trial and error I discovered which foods were essential to me and my health.Now that I have my health in balance and know what my body needs my skin has become less and less of an issue.

However there are those times that things just don’t seem balanced and break outs occur. This is when I turn to ayurvedic herbs and herbal remedies.

One of the new productsI have started using is from Banyan Botanicals, “HealThy Skin”. HealThy Skin formula blends nine of the most powerful Ayurvedic herbs for skin health, creating a formula that supports healthy skin from within. Clear, radiant skin requires proper nutrition, hydration, and oleation. Toxins, excess heat, and inadequate nourishment can all contribute to skin issues. The cleansing herbs in Healthy Skin support the body’s natural ability to remove toxins from the blood, lymph and liver. Simultaneously, pitta-soothing herbs help relieve excess heat and calm irritable skin. The nourishing herbs in this formula also promote rejuvenation of the skin cells and support the skin’s natural healing process. The skin is a mirror for how things are inside the body. The cleansing and rejuvenating herbs of Healthy Skin beautify the inside to give you vibrant, glowing skin on the outside. It’s important to be mindful of what we put into our bodies especially if leading a healthy balanced life is what we want.

Try HealThy Skin!

Try HealThy Skin!