Welcome to Purvakarma Week!

By Noelle noelle bio picture

Welcome to Purvakarma! This is the week before some of us start our Everveda cleanse, so I will be discussing the proper ways to prepare for an ayurvedic cleanse. Purvakarma is the set of procedures which ayurveda prescribes to facilitate removal of ama and toxins from the tissues collectively. Purva means “before” and karma means “actions.”

Purvakarma is crucial not to skip so we can achieve the best Panchakarma (the cleanse). These procedures are designed to eliminate ama (toxins) and restore health to the dhatus (tissues), but this can only be achieved if the body is ready to let go of the accumulated toxins stored deep within its structures. Without proper preparation, these treatments would remove only the ama available in the gastrointestinal tract and would have little or no impact on the ama lodged in the dhatus.

That being said, the first step in Purvakarma I want you to take is switching from coffee to herbal tea. If you are a coffee drinker and you absolutely need the caffeine, try a cup of green tea (25mg caffeine to 90mg in a cup of coffee.) Making the change a week before will make the cleanse week much easier. Choose from any of the wide variety of teas out there. A note on Vices and spices: It is best to limit caffeinated beverages (including sodas of any kind) this week, the week of the cleanse and the week thereafter. If you are used to having these kind of drinks on a daily basis and you find that you have a strong negative reaction to eliminating them completely such as feeling ill or getting a headache, then it is best to try to cut your consumption down by half or one third. The same is true for tobacco products. I can’t stress enough how important these steps will be in having a successful cleanse!

If you haven’t signed up for our cleanse and would like to please contact either Jill or myself! Starts on Monday so don’t miss out!