What Is Ojas?

In Ayurveda we talk a lot abut Ojas…but what is Ojas really?

Ojas is the subtle essence of all vital fluids, responsible for health, harmony and spiritual growth. Ojas is the essence that gives tissues strength and endurance; it is the force that keeps the tissues healthy. Ojas is composed primarily of water and earth. Its qualities are similar to Kapha.

On the physical level, Ojas has many forms. All functions of the body that act to preserve the body are the manifestations of Ojas. Hence the immune system is a physical manifestation Ojas. Ojas protects the health of every cell. It gives endurance to every function of every cell. It gives every function of each cell the ability to do its job without being altered by external stressors. Ojas is the energetic container that holds together every function of the body, no matter how small. Very simply, Ojas is the positive force of stability.

When the body is stable, it is capable of resisting stress. The strength of Ojas is directly proportional to a person’s resistance to dysfunction or disease. Ojas provides the body with the ability to endure stress. Ojas is the energy reserve of each cell in the body.

When Ojas is abundant, each cell is capable of doing its job. When deficient, a cell becomes fatigued and no longer functions properly. When enough cells in a region are fatigued, an organ or tissue begins to malfunction. Hence, when Ojas is strong, no disease can affect the body.

On the level of the mind, Ojas plays a similar role. The role of Ojas is to stabilize the mind. It provides the container for thought and emotion. When Ojas becomes deficient, the mind begins to malfunction. A person loses control of thoughts and emotions. The result is emotional disease.

Ojas is the stabilizing force of the body and mind. It allows the body and mind to resist stress. It protects the body against faulty impressions taken in through the five senses.