New growth is blooming here at EverVeda. As the cool winds blow tender blossoms through the air, you can sense the welcome change from the cold, dry, dark Vata season into the plump, fresh Kapha spring. It is in this spirit of renewal that I am happy to update you with changes of our own. The Eden in Oyster Bay that has housed EverVeda for the last 8 years has now been sold, and we are to leave here July 1. We have purchased a (real!) log cabin in Lloyd Neck, which will be our home in the summer, and are currently in negotiations to purchase property for the new EverVeda Inn and Healing Farm in Central Florida. Our last day of business in Oyster Bay is May 31. For the month of June and July, we will be relocating, deconstructing a full, textured life of 26 years, where I raised my children, hosted many gatherings and celebrations, watched trees grow and cycle through the seasons. It has been my honor to serve you in this home, from every cooking class, herbal formula and body treatment. I am forever grateful. With Love, Jill

I hope that you will stay curious about Ayurveda, at whatever level it greets you. I have had the pleasure of guiding and working with some wonderful people who can support you on your Ayurveda journey, and I have listed them as follows: - Dhara Patel, C.A.S. - - Teresa Devine, A.H.C The products that we have lovingly curated here, our custom teas, herbally dyed organic cotton scarves and masks, along with our favorite Ayurveda products, will be carried at The Hive and Makers space, here in Oyster Bay at 100 Audrey Ave. I will have the opportunity to present workshops monthly so please stay tuned to this newsletter and social media posts.

As for body treatments, there are 4 locations I am happy to recommend superb conscious healing at the following locations : Somdhara Ayurveda ( ) Manhasset - Femina Ayurveda spa ( Hicksville - Little House of Healing ( ) Oakdale - Point lookout yoga and Wellness ( For those of you who have been blessed by Heidi’s Ayurveda facials, you can still visit her in her studio in Brooklyn: I am happy to continue follow up consultations, make herbal medicines and teas to order from the cabin so please continue to contact me at with your needs.

 (516) 624-3210